Food and the City

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An introduction to the city of Heraklion could not be more fun than with the exploration of its hidden flavors. A city full of history, partly very evident and partly undercover in the alleys and small pathways, waiting to be explored on foot - a walking tour full of flavors. Allow us to show you


Our walk starts from the old harbor where history unfolds in front of our eyes. We make our first stop for coffee and taste the different flavors and aromas. Then we continue through the central market and into small alleys to discover the flavors produced from an Artisan Cheese maker. Cheeses of Crete are well known for their intense flavors and versatility to be used in a great variety of recipes. Cheese needs bread, so our next stop is the local four-generation family-run artisan bakery who takes us on a journey of flavors through a wide variety of products that come out of the ovens of his bakery. People of Crete have a very close relation with dry nuts. As a powerful nutritious source and a companion of Cretan life, dry nuts are introduced in a brief but flavorful stop in the central market of the city. 

An essential element of Cretan cuisine is the many herbs and their powerful effect on our wellbeing and good health, well known to the Cretans since antiquity. At the local herbal shop we learn from this delightful specialist about the natural potency and properties the Cretan soil and variety of uses of the many different herbs.

Finally we enjoy lunch with a variety of dishes that highlight Cretan and Greek cuisine. 


09:30: Start of Tour

09:45-10:15: Coffee Tasting and introduction of Coffee making aromas and flavors

10:30-11:00: Visit to Artisan Cheese maker. 
Introduction and tasting of the Cheeses of Crete. 

11:15-12:00: Visit to Artisan Baker. Introduction 
of the Bread varieties of Crete and Greece. Tasting 
of different delicacies.

12:15-12:35: Dry nuts and their importance to 
the culture of Crete. Visit in a local Dry Nut store.

12:45-13:15: Introduction to the herbs of Crete 
and their properties. Visit in a local herbs shop.

13:30-14:00: Free time for shopping

14:15-15:30: Lunch

16:00: End of tour

Coffee Tasting
Cheese Tasting
Bakery Demo
Introduction to Herbs

1 Persons  : 545.00€

2 Persons  : 294.00€

3 Persons  : 211.00€

4 Persons  : 168.00€

5 Persons  : 142.00€

6 Persons  : 126.00€

7 Persons  : 114.00€


Prices Include: Transfer from your location with private rented car, Coffee tasting, 
Cheese tasting, Snacks, Herbal tea and Lunch with beverage (¼ lt 
house wine + ½ lt mineral water), bottle of water during tour, cotton 
bag of our company, refreshing wipes



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