Heraklio Saturday Market, Aquarium


Stroll over the largest weekly market of Crete. Beside the many farmers, who praise their fruits and vegetables, numerous marketers have set up their booths and praise loudly their goods. Above all you will find all kinds of housewares, clothes and shoes, in all types and in large selection.

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We drive to the Venetian Fort in the old port of Heraklion for a picture postcard photo stop.
From here your tour continues on foot to the center of Heraklion where you will have free time and the chance to visit the shops for 2 hours.
The town of Heraklion is the largest urban centre of Crete, the capital of the region of Crete and the economic center of the island. During the Minoan period the town of Heraklion served as a port to Knossos. Currently it’s population is approximately 160.000. Since the Minoan period the town of Heraklion became the host of varied cultures and civilizations whose indelible marks are visible in the form of fountains, castles, walls, palaces, and other monuments.
Heraklion is a heaven for architects and historians, as well as a cosmopolitan town, particularly during the summer period when thousands of visitors can be seen shopping in the market or visiting the museums. The city has a lot to offer to those who are in search of culture and entertainment.


Pick up     Sissi-Heraklion Area
Day      Thursday-Saterday
Entrance to Aquarium     9.00€ /Kids 6,00€
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