Museum school life N. Chania


The Museum school life N. Chania was founded by the Local Authority Chania after initiative and proposal educational and spiritual people.

The Museum school life N. Chania was founded by the Local Authority Chania after initiative and proposal educational and spiritual people.

The museum school life seeks to become a spiritual foundation with prestige and importance to educational and teaching events of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Main purpose of the museum's school life is the quest for education and school past in all periods of local and more generally of the Cretan history, the scientific analysis, recording and safekeeping of the links with the current educational realities and needs, as well as the view as a significant parameter influence on education.

The programs 6-month activity of the museum shall be drawn up in June and December of each year and may include:

  • Program of visits by school classes with parallel thematic presentations, in collaboration with the schools of the prefecture of Chania and Addresses A'θμιας and B'θμιας education.

  • Program scientific meetings educational presentations with work relating to the history and the future of education.

  • Events price for teachers with good scientific or educational and pedagogical work.

  • Periodic reports educational materials and instruments from private collections from other museums or organizations.

  • Setting Up scientific groups historic search and research in schools of the prefecture of Chania or specific areas or for specific historical periods.

  • Presentations organised initiatives teachers and pupils a school to other schools in the Prefecture and the view to other schools in the country or abroad.

  • Support and support partnerships schools for actions in areas educational activity, history or culture.

  • Organization of events, seminars or conferences with educational content.

  • Implementation of innovative educational programs relating to persons, events and education systems in the history of education.

  • Support and encourage the establishment of voluntary groups teachers to offer educational project or material in children less-favored areas or specific categories of the local population.

  • Publications, books, electronic equipment, albums in the history of the education of our prefecture of Crete and in general.

  • Organized search and experimental presentation application modern Methods and supervisory teaching materials (electronic, etc. )

The farming culture, historical search and creative use of the past in the world of education will contribute to the revival of the role of the educational process, cultivation in respect to modern standards school life, in co-operation and solidarity of pupils and teachers, in respect of school property and the school environment and the parallel day-care for the upgrade.

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