The municipality of Hersonissos


In the Municipality of Hersonissos paths and options that one can choose are diverse and unique hidden surprises.

The municipality of Hersonissos is the most organized tourist destination in Crete. However, the physical paths are those that have the most interest. It is not a simple touristic trails, but trails that lead you back in time and give you the opportunity to learn the secrets of the rich history and the unique natural environment features. From the monastery of Kera up to the northern tip of Hersonissos is a destination that will greatly reward the visitor who chooses to come.

The wider borough Hersonissos encompasses the area of ​​Gouves, Malia, Episcopi, town of Hersonissos and the island of Dia, which is opposite the city of Heraklion. Also, special interest and small villages are perched on more remote slopes and there someone will enjoy the famous Cretan hospitality. All of these destinations combine the variety and interchangeability, even for the most demanding visitor. Sea, mountain, tourist infrastructure and hospitable people is the explosive mixture that will make your holiday unforgettable in these parts.

In the Municipality of Hersonissos paths and options that one can choose are diverse and unique hidden surprises. Cultural routes satisfy lovers of history and antiquity with so many archaeological sites that can encounter and the museums that work and are available to the public. The beaches are ideal destinations for all who wish to relax and enjoy undisturbed the summers sun. The natural environment and the available hiking trails lead you back in time and you convey a sense of awe and forget at the same time. Visits to any of the villages will be a unique experience, since the Cretan hospitality is known for its love which surrounds anyone who is lucky and found there.

Apart from all this, those who love sports can find everything: water sports, golf, bike tours, paragliding and many more that can not be imagined. For younger visitors there are many playgrounds and farm animals can spend their time creatively. We can of course omit and rich culinary tradition of the Cretan diet, which will be unforgettable for those who prefer healthy and delicious food.



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