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Introducing the Cretan culture through flavors Birth place of legends and myths, stories of love and drama, Crete provides the ideal playground for creative imagination. In this experience we start by examining Crete for inspiration. We travel through villages and settlements and time itself.


Our first stop is in the village of Myrtia, the birthplace of Nikos 
Kazantzakis, one of the most inspired and famous writers. We 
continue with the introduction of the olive oil production, 
“Liquid gold” was the name given by Homer to this very 
important ingredient of Cretan Cuisine. We learn the way how 
different flavors and aromas are created. Curing harsh times, 
smoked meat has always an important protein source for 
Cretans. Thus the next stop is an introduction to 
smoked meat techniques, from a young and 
passionate professional, who hasspecialized the 
production of such delicacies. The Cretan 
vineyard is a definite important highlight when 
someone gets to know Crete. Walking through 
Cretan vineyards and the endemic varieties; 
tasting some of the wines the island produces;
you will be amazed at the depth of character and 
flavor Cretan wines. 
Lunch will take place in a small village, where authentic, local delicacies will be prepared for 
you. In the afternoon we visit a Cretan Raki distillery and have the chance to follow, step by 
step, the production of this alcoholic beverage which plays a very significant role in the social 
and cultural life of every Cretan.

09:15: Start of Tour
10:00-10:45: Olive Oil Tasting and introduction of the olive 
oil making practices
11:00-11:30: Visit at the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum
11:50-12:45: Visit at a Smoked meat and air dried meat 
production unit, as well as, tastinf of their products.
13:00-14:30: Wine tasting and introduction of local grape 
and wine varieties
14:45-15:30: Lunch in a local small village with authentic 
Cretan Cuisine
15:45-16:30: Visit a Cretan Raki distillery and introduction to Cretan raki making. 
Additionally introduction to the herbs of Crete and their properties
16:30: End of tour

 Nikos Kazantzakis museum 
 Wine Tasting
 Olive Oil Tasting
 Air Dried and Smoked Meat Tasting
 Cretan raki tasting

1 Persons :509.00€

2 Persons :279.00€

3 Persons :202.00€

4 Persons :183.00€

5 Persons :156.00€

6 Persons :139.00€

7 Persons :126.00€


Prices Include: Transfer from your location with private rented car, Entrance fee to 
Museum, Wine tasting, Olive oil tasting, Cretan ham tasting, Cretan 
raki tasting, Snacks and Lunch with beverage (¼ lt house wine + ½ lt 
mineral water), bottle of water during tour, cotton bag of our 



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