Lassithi plateau & Knossos


Perfect trip that combines History, Archeology, traditions, and sightseeing. Visit Knossos and the Plateau of Lasithi on this full-day trip. See the remains of the Minoan Palace, visit the Monastery of Kera Kardiotissa, admire the fertile Plateau of Lasithi, stop at Dicteon Antron Cave and much more



The Minoan palace of Knossos was the seat of King Minos. It is the most important archaeological site on Crete . It is about 5 km from the center of Heraklion.

Inhabited from the 7th millennium BC , that is here developed the most ancient civilization of the Neolithic period. The first palace of Knossos is estimated to have been built in 1950 BC but destroyed by an earthquake , as the second palace built then .

Knossos was built in a very strategic point allowing it to control the hinterland and the ports of the region . Generally the palace of Knossos was the political , religious, administrative , commercial and military center of Minoan Crete . The basement of the palace was used as cellars or warehouses for various products marketed at that time . Also survived several frescoes that decorate scenes from the daily lives of residents then .

The palace of Knossos was discovered by archaeologist Minos Cretan Summer 1878. Excavations were completed later by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans in 1900 to 1905 and the British Archaeological Society .


The Lassithi is the easternmost prefecture of Crete . The prefecture Lassithi can visit the cave of Zeus or otherwise Diktaion Cave. Is one of the most famous caves of Crete and Greece . The cave offers a spectacular sight . It is rich in stalagmites and stalactites . The myth says that Zeus was born here , and this cave is so famous since antiquity . Interestingly, in the prefecture of Lassithi also , and the nunnery Kera Kardiotissas , that the years of Ottoman rule was the core of resistance against the Turks. The monument has great historical and artistic importance .

Drive along the marvelous route to Mountain Dikti to the Lassithi Plateau.
At an altitude of 800 m. enjoy the spectacular view over the plain, the windmills and the mountain Dikti arising nearby.
The tour continues to the village of Psychro passing by the small villages of the plain. Visit the birthplace of Zeus – the Diktean Cave.
This Minoan cult cave has been identified by many archaeologists as the place Zeus was born and it is also one of the most beautiful and impressive of the 3.400 caves in Crete.
It follows a delicious traditional Cretan lunch (included in the rate) before continuing visiting Crete´s most famous archaeological site - Knossos.
A visit to Crete is incomplete without visiting the renowned Minoan Palace of Knossos! This fabulous site is dating back 4.000 ago. Two brilliant palaces built in Neolithic times… Visit the room of the thrown and the frescoes depicting the Prince of Crete. Every single stone suggests that a great civilization was born in this very place. Dating from 2000 BC this site remains one of the wonders of the world.

Location: East Crete

Type: Archaeological places

Children 5-12 discount: 50% Discount

Children 0-4 discount: Free

Pick up Hotel
Entrance Knossos 15.00€
Entrance Cave 6.00€
Entrance Kera 3.00€
Departure 8:30




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