For the coexistence of populations the festival “Crete, a


The festival of Municipality Irakleios “Crete, a history, five plus cultures” comes from 26 August until 20 September it also this year offers in their Irakleiotes but also in the visitors of city abundance of qualitative events, with dorean entry. The central subject of this year's festival t

The festival of Municipality Irakleios “Crete, ahistory, five plus cultures” comes from 26 Augustuntil 20 Septembrioygia it also this year offers intheir Irakleiotes but also in the visitors of cityabundance of qualitative events, with doreanentry.
The central subject of this year's festival they arethe “Coexisting” - populations, that is to say, thatcoexist in Mediterranean, the ways thatinfluenced and shaped in the passage ofcenturies the one the cultural heritage of otherand a proposal, diachronic but also topical as long as never: Focus in those who they link alsous they are more from those that us separate

The program of the festival "Crete, a story, plus five cultures 2018":

Manos Pontikakis - Morphonies
Friday 10 August - Friday 14 September
St. Mark's Basilica. Opening hours at 20:30

From August 10th to September 14th, St. Mark's Basilica will host a sculpture exhibition by sculptor Manos Pontakis.
Face Forward ... into my home
Friday 14 September - Sunday 14 October 2018
Makasi Gate. Opening hours 19:30

Face Forward ... into my home is an interactive program that focuses on the stories of people who have been forced to leave their homeland and try to rebuild their lives in Greece. It resulted from a complex program proposed by the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) and was implemented with the cooperation of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). The process includes experiential narrative workshops, in which the participating refugees, with the launch of works of the Museum's collection, narrate their personal stories, photograph participants and eventually exhibition of photographic portraits, framed by recorded personal stories. Face Forward ... into my home involves refugees and asylum seekers supported by the ESTIA (Emergency Housing and Integration Support) program and implemented by UNHCR, funded by the Department of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Affairs Commission assistance (ECHO).

Sunday 26.08.2018
St. Mark's Basilica. Time 20:00
Workshop on The Co-Founders

It is meant to remind us that in this city we are not always alone, that at times and for long periods of time, we coexisted with Others, with different customs and customs, with different cultures. And that these Others are a great part of the history of the place.
Nikos Gigourtakis: Philologist - Archaeologist
The Arab Emirate of Crete. Aspects of a particular period of civilization
Tasoula Markomichaelaki: Assistant Professor, AUTh.
Venetian, Cretan and Venetian writers of Candaca. (14th-17th century)
Taki Vakirzian: Professor of the Experimental Gymnasium of Heraklion
We the Armenians. Traces of a community
Nikos Andriotis: Historian
Muslims and Cretan refugees in Heraklion. (1889-1924)
Kostis Mamalakis: Historical Researcher - Advisor to the Historical Museum of Crete
The tragedy of the Jewish Community in Crete
Andreas Lenakakis: Philologist - Researcher
Linguistic associations in Cretan folk speech

Monday 27.08.2018
Gardens of N. Kazantzakis. Time 20:30
Across the border
Concert-production of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, presented in Herodion on June 22, 2017 and recorded live by the world-renowned record company EKM, under the personal supervision of the founder of Manfred Eicher. In the first part, Maria Farantouri and her colleagues will take us to the East, with a musical work written especially for Maria's wonderful voice, the Turk Cigan Turkoglu, in verses of Agathi Dimitroukas. And then we will continue to travel to the musical traditions of the world and the times of the West and the East. Jazz, medieval and classical music, folk songs, a musical feast of sounds and voices.
The show features selected, internationally acclaimed soloists. Anja Lechner in Cello, Meri Vardanyan in Norman, Nikos Paroulakis in New, Izzet Kizil in percussion and composer Cigan Turkoglu, Voice, Sage and Cut.

Tuesday 28.08.2018
Group of Performing Arts PROPOSAL
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
Jasmine, pomegranate and carob tree

A beautiful fairy tale from Asia Minor, in the theatrical adaptation of Dimitris Finitsis, we will enjoy in a show for both young and old.

Direction - theatrical adaptation - narration: Dimitris
Original music: Costis Makakis
Shadow Theater Figures: Antonis Kosmadakis
Costume design: Anna Macherianaki

Cast the actors:
Alexandra Tzouanaki
Konstantina Smargianaki
Maria Kaliakaki

Wednesday 29.08.2018
Music: Farid El-Atrache
Choreography: Orly Portal
The Spring Ceremony
Theater of Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
 A wonderful musical piece, perfectly matched by the movements of an amazing dance band, is presented for the first time in Greece: The Music Composition The Farid El-Atrache Spring Ceremony, with Orly Portal dancers:


Thursday 30.08.2018
Philharmonic of the Municipality of Heraklion
Nikos Kazantzakis Gardens Theater. Time 20:30
Tribute to World Cinema
The Philharmonic of the Municipality of Heraklion with its great and long history, with the worthy conductor and the worthy musicians, is giving us a concert today with themes from the world cinema. A giant screen in the background will show scenes from movies.

Friday 31.08.2018
Zimakis Dimitris
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
A retrospection of the life of this city, and not only,

Sunday 02.09.2018
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
A walk with paintings

In collaboration with the Foundation for Research Technology and Art History, Mr. Deniz-Chloe Alevizou, the art collection collections of the Municipality are photographed, digitized, documented and classified. Thus, the treasure hitherto scattered in services, or hidden in warehouses, will be digitally displayed until he finds his place at the Kothri-Liopiraki Mansion, which was granted by the Ministry of Culture to the Municipality, to house the City Gallery Heraklion.
An important part of this collection are the works of Evangelos Markogiannakis (1874-1856), the most representative painter of the period, from the Lassithi plateau, who lived in Heraklion. Works that are largely due to the noble donation of Anemogianni and depict atmospheric landscapes of the city and the countryside, scenes of everyday life or typical forms, especially during the Ottoman domination. With the help of the technology and knowledge of Mrs. Alevizo, we will make a beautiful walk at that time, through selected works by Markogiannakis. In addition, we will see an important sample of the remarkable work that is being prepared for the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Heraklion.


Monday 03.09.2018
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30

The acapella vocal ensemble 8tetto will present a concert with songs from different seasons and different musical genres. Opera singers, soprano, alto, tenor, basso, do not hesitate to move between the traditional Greek songs and the Adele's Skyfall or Over Arthur's rainbow, but to cross the limits and reach Lake of the Tchaikovsky Swans.

Tuesday 04.09.2018
Nikos Kazantzakis Gardens Theater. Time 20:30
Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra

A Frenchman, a Spaniard, a Ukrainian, an Italian, a Greek, a Serbian and a Catalan; a violin, a guitar, a clarinet, an accordion, a double bass and percussion. Colors in costumes, hats, pleasant, laughing faces, joy and the astonishing voice of Catalan Sandra Sangiao. This is the dream, which is called Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra.
So, for that good company, we will let us talk to us in the language of music for other worlds. East European Gypsy music and Klizmer of Ashkenazi Jew, but with influences from jazz, rocabili, old Catalan music, revolutionary Cuban music, taranets, Bosnian sebant, jazz from Ethiopia, Greek and Turkish music.

Wednesday 05.09.2018
Heraklion Cultural Center. Time 20:30
Greek Folk Song

We will enjoy songs from all over Greece, songs that are offered for improvisation. Epirus bullfighting, spontaneous shooting, living rooms, armchairs, as well as songs from Macedonia and Thrace, with:


Thursday 06.09.2018
Heraklion Cultural Center. Time 20:30

The DixTrans has assured us that it can combine flute, mandolin, cello, guitar and bass with nice voices and surprise us by making sections of songs linked to each other through visible and obscure tracks. Let us therefore listen to them with curiosity and great expectation, since the mystery that they wish to surround them raises demands.

Friday 07.09.2018
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
String Demons

The energy that these children make, "can make the earth spin upside down," wrote about the String Demons, a fan of them.
So to see how classical music can coexist with Heavy Metal, Rock, or with traditional and folk songs? With the violin of Lydia and the cello of Constantine, inspired by all kinds of music, from the Byzantine melody, these two children manage to create a demonic performance that reminds us of the madness of the Dionysian atmosphere.
Saturday 08.09.2018
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
Savina Giannatou and Primavera en Salonico

Savina Giannatou, a bold and inspirational artist, manages with her talents and choices to spread into the world of music, to entertain cultures, to put her own characteristic imprint on everything she does.
The rich musical tradition of the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the particular creations of Crete, revives through the modern readings of Savina Yannatos and Primavera en Salonico. Songs from Greece, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, Songs of Arabs, Byzantines, Ottomans, Venetians and Jews, who left their own signs in the musical culture of Crete, weave a colorful carpet, lead us to a musical wandering in the great sea of ​​civilizations.
up to

Sunday 9.9.2018
Gardens Theater Manos Hadjidakis. Time 20:30
Small stories with music and spectacle

The multibrain



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