Underwater model Photography

From 750€

Set yourself free underwater and let your hair and clothing float! An etheral and totally surreal way of personal photoshooting.

  • Duration
5 Hours
  • Offered
Dresses (in different sizes an
  • Equipment
Extra dry clothes, flip flops
  • Languages
  • persons
  • Difficulty
Level 1

Underwater model photography is a unique way of portraiture! If you want to have dreamy artistic photos of yourself floating that’s your chance!

This package refers to everyone that wants to capture himself or herself underwater. You can be a model, or not. That’s also an amazing kind way to capture pregnancy! So, pregnants are welcome as well!

We meet early in the morning (6.00am) at the beach! We will discuss on model’s preferences and poses, as well as the model (male or female) is having a professional waterproof make up. Nextly, the model (woman) chooses the dress that she is gonna wear on the photoshooting. (In case that there is a male model, clothing is being pre-decided before the photoshooting day). While the model is ready, we start the photoshooting! There is a variety of images that we can achieve depending on each person’s swimming ability. Starting from stable images in shallow waters to floating effect images in deep sea waters! The photoshooting will take place for around 3 hours.

At the end of the photoshooting, the model is being offered a breakfast at a local place close to the beach.

The best 40 images are being delivered in digital files within two weeks, fully edited & in a high quality, ready to print! (Please have in mind that underwater photography is much more demanding than a normal outdoor photography. So we need to take much more photos in order to achieve a good one).

You can now live the magic into the clear blue cretan waters!

The photoshooting can take place in any Cretan beach of choice upon arrangment.

Anyone that can hold his breath underwater!! There is a variety of poses, starting with stable images at shallow waters to floating effect in deep sea waters. The better swimming ability that someone has, the best floating images we can achieve!

It is absolutely necessary that the model will have not consumed food, drinks, milk or alcohol before the photoshooting.

Model should bring with him/her, extra dry clothes, flip flops and towels.

For female model is important to have her own nude color underwear & bra. Nails must be clear, or in nude color, as well. Dress is provided. In case she likes, she can be photographed with her own dress/es.

For the male model is essential to have his own clothing. (Please have in mind that sea salt can not damage the suit, once we clean it with clear water at the end of the photoshooting).



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