The wind park of Gods – Lasithi Windmills

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Everything about the magical world of windmills, in the world’s oldest wind park.

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Our meeting point for this excursion will take place at 10 am in the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, outside the village of Agios Georgios of Lassithi plateau, where we will see several windmills in operation.

The tour starts in the surrounding fields of the area where windmills are still in use and I will explain how they work, and you will see in real time how farmers draw water and water their crops.

Then, following the road that leads to the centre of the village, we will find the complex of the three museums of Agios Georgios, which are a cultural heritage point of the Lassithi Plateau. Here, I will present you our folklore collection, the life and work of Eleutherius Venizelos and also you will admire ecclesiastical and neoclassical exhibits.

Then, we will visit the windmill construction workshop. There, the award-winning mechanical engineer (Europa Nostra 2015) Georgios Chatzakis will present us the exclusive patented sail patent for the restoration of the Wind Park and will give us useful information on the history of the windmills and their contribution to the economic development of Lassithi.

During the workshop the visitor will have the opportunity to learn everything about the magical world of the windmills and the Aeolian Park of the Gods, since there will be an explanation of a small-scale model of the park and what we saw in the countryside. We will also visit the next-door workshop where miniature windmills are made of clay and wood.

At the end of our tour we will enjoy a delicious meal at the traditional tavern of mother Niki.

The Dias Traditional Tavern has been operating in the centre of the village since 1966 and offers excellent food, traditional dishes made with local and fresh products. But above all, it offers smiles and a warm hug for both the locals and the visitors of the Plateau! Mother Niki’s dishes will make you enjoy unique, traditional and unforgettable tastes!

We are waiting for you to show you how we convert air into culture

Adults and accompanied children can take part in the tour

Guests should wear long pants and sports shoes.

Price does not include transfer as to arrange it however you like.

Transfer by us from your hotel its 30€ per person with 5 person minimum.

The cost is 20€ for 8 people minimum.

Or you can go on your own with your car.

Feel free to call us for help with directions or public transportation!



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