Spinalonga Afternoon


Today you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of an island that still inspires awe with its history.

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Hotel (Heraklion Estate)
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EXTRA PAID : Entry to Spinalon

Spinalonga is a small island located in Lasithi , in the province of Mirabello near Elounda . It has also been known as the island of lepers . The ancient name of the island is Caledon but after it was conquered by the Venetians named Spinalonga .

When the Turks invaded Cyprus , the Venetians began fortifying Crete
considering it to be the next target of the Ottomans . Thus they begun fortifying Spinalonga in 1574. Finally, the island was occupied in 1715 by the Turks.

Since 1903, Spinalonga became operational as leper contaiment facility. Initially only concering the Cretans lepers but gradually transferred patients from all over Greece until it finally came to house International Lepers .
The virus of leprosy was contagious and at the time,had absence of treatment. Living conditions were difficult as patients could not cover  their basic needs so that they escape from the island in search of food . In 1948 it was discovered in America medicine that cured the deadly disease resulting in a drastic reduction in the number of patients in Spinalonga .

Today Spinalonga has been declared an archaeological site. The British author Victoria Hislop has given special mention to it as he wrote an entire novel about the island of lepers . The novel is called ” The Island ” ,  that has become a best -seller and has been translated into 14 languages.

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