Mountain Biking Tour on Asterousia mountain

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Cycling through your destination brings you closer to the land and its more ecological than just about any other style of travel. The mobility of a bike gives you the chance to see well-known locales from a new perspective and opens up their more remote corners to deeper exploration.


1st day
Meeting point at Heraklion, we are moving ahead to Achendrias village (altitude of 696m) which is also the place we will start our tour in Asterousia Mountain. Our next stop is the village Ethia traditional village. As we pass through Paranymfoi village, we arrive on our destination Sopata village. We make a short break on Abbas place, which have majestic 145meters waterfalls. The view to the sea and the cliffs is awesome. From now on, an amazing 15km descent to Koudoumas Monastery among pine and cypress trees with a perfect view of the blue Libyan Sea we continue with a break for rest and for visiting the monastery, which was built on a secluded seaside location in a unique place, Then we follow the path to the beautiful cave of St. Anthony at the coastal village of St. John. It might be needed to cross the pavement carrying our bikes because of the inaccessibility of the pavement, and so we arrive at our destination in our guesthouse in Kapetaniana.

Distance : 50,8 km
Min. elevation : 4 m
Max elevation : 1066 m
Elevation ascent : 2064 m
Elevation descent : 2038 m

2nd day
We are starting a demanding, but a special pathway. We are heading to Trypiti beach.
As we discover Asterousia Mountain.
We continue with an Excellent view on beautiful beaches, ravines, gorgeous and dangerous cliffs which leads to the sea, in Europe there is no place similar to this.
On our arrival to Lentas village will have opportunity to swim and some relaxation. We continue our tour by passing from the beautiful beach of Duskos and ascend to the village Antiskari. Next stop is Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) Monastery Apezanon, the oldest in Crete which is built on a plateau of rocks. We are finishing our trip with a relaxing downhill about 5,5 km to the village Pompia. Then we are going back to Heraklion by car.

Distance : 49 km
Min. elevation : 10 m
Max elevation : 795 m
Elevation ascent : 1327 m
Elevation descent : 1971 m

Total 2-day ROUTE DATA :
Distance : 99,8 km
Min. elevation : 10 m
Max elevation : 1066 m
Elevation ascent : 3236 m
Elevation descent : 3799 m

Our guided tour includes:

Accommodation in Thalori traditional village
Wilier mountain bike & helmet
tour guide(s)
transfer from / to HERAKLION
Meals as listed below
Drinking water while riding
a support vehicle with all equipment follow the team during the tour





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