Guided cycling tour in Rethymnon

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We ride our bicycles and get to know the beauties and attractions in the hills around Rethymnon. For people who want to combine sightseeing with exercise!

  • Duration
5 Hours
  • Offered
Experienced driver, entrance t
  • Equipment
Bicycles fully equipped with l
  • Languages
English, Greek
  • persons
  • Difficulty
Level 2

We are going to meet early in the morning, after selecting the appropriate bicycles and equipment, the tour guide informs the participants about the route and the way they are going to move in order to ensure maximum safety.

Getting out of Rethymnon and as we ascend to the green hills, we will meet the old church of Panagia Halevi, where we will make our first stop. After that, we will be heading towards the gorge of Myloi, for our second stop. Those who want to, can walk for a while in the enchanting gorge. We will climb up to the traditional village of Chromonastiri and visit the War Museum.

Downhill we will arrive at Roussospiti, where we will enjoy a light meal in a traditional tavern with wonderful view. The next stop is in the beautiful monastery of Agia Irini. As we go back, the magnificent view of Rethymnon with Fortezza will compensate us for our effort.

The total length of the route is 21 km and the degree of difficulty moderate.

• Glasses

• Sunscreen

• Comfortable bicycle outfit

• Water

Every adult who is in good health and goes cycling sometimes a week. Active level. Children aged 15 under the supervision of their parents.

Transfer policy

Price does not include transfer as to arrange it however you like.

Transfer by us from your hotel its 30€ per person with 5 person minimum.

The cost is 20€ for 8 people minimum.

Or you can go on your own with your car.

Feel free to call us for help with directions or public transportation!



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