Cretan Miracle Diet and Cuisine


Through qualified services such as private cooking lessons, group demonstrations, a Cretan Cook at your place, food and wine tasting events & tours or even at a cooking party


Through qualified services such as private cooking lessons, group demonstrations, a Cretan Cook at your place, food and wine tasting events & tours or even at a cooking party, Yiannis and Eleni guarantee that you will have a unique experience that will make your trip to Crete unforgetable! Our highlights: Cretan tradition, hospitality, the authentic character of the Cretan Diet and the health benefits, the aromatic flavors, the pure cretan products. Plan your visit today!


DURATION: 4 hours
Morning class 09:00-14:00
Afternoon class 16:30-20:30

" Y o u r e v e n t  i s  o u r  c o n c e r n "


Trust us to organize the event that you wish.

Whether it is a friendly gathering or even a very special event, experience another journey to the tastes and aromas of the Cretan traditional and creative cuisine.

We ensure that you will enjoy it! At your place or at the unique cretan countryside.


For up to 200 persons


For breakfast we create flavor combinations based on the following dishes

Myzithropites (small pies with myzithra cheese) sweet or not

Spinachpies with aromatic herbs

Tiganites (pancakes) or sfakianopites with honey

Myzithra, Anthotyro, Graviera & other local cheeses

Yogurt or anthogalo or xynogalo

Goat Milk

Boiled Eggs

Eggs fried with staka

Eggbread fried with local cheese on top

Raisin – apple or honey pie

Cookies with wine and sesame

Hand made marmalades, honey, petimezi,

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Olives, olive pasta

Tomato finely chopped on bread or rusks

Fresh vegetables & Fruits

Hontro (groats) with milk

Pure herbs boiled

Greek coffee

Fruit orange juice


Here we suggest just a few dishes full of flavors, colors and unique taste

Salads with fresh vegetables (raw or boiled), legumes and fruits some times

Tomato soup with basil and yogurt

Gemista (stuffed vegetables)

Local cheese, yogurt, tzatziki

Cock with makaronia skioufihta

Pork with chickpeas

Veal stiffado

Lamp with egglemon sauce and lettuce


Cuttelefish with spinach

Fish with thyme and wine

Fish with fresh vegetables and lemon sauce

Octopus with makaronia skioufihta

Liver or chicken with rosemary

Pork with leeks

Vegetables cooked with oil in tomato sauce

Sfouggato (omelet with greens or potatoes or vegetables)

Lamp kleftiko

Lamp ofto

Pork kapriko


We suggest, again, just a few dishes full of flavors, colors and unique taste

Maggiri soup

Fish and vegetables soup (kakavia)

Veal meatballs in lemon sauce (giouvarlakia)

Liver soup with aromatic herbs

Xynohontro soup

Aromatic legumes Soup

Makaronia skioufihta with anthotyro

Boiled meat with rice (pilafi)

Braised chicken with sage and rice

Boiled vegetables

Courgette pie

Spinach pie

Dakos with tomato, oregano and xynomizithra

Rice milk pudding

                        " O u r C o o k C h e f w i t h y o u "

It is about an original service that Cretan Miracle guarantees to you.

A specialist in cretan cuisine will be with you in your kitchen, at the place you have chosen to stay during your holiday in Crete.

Enjoy a journey to cretan tastes and aromas with our cook.

According to your own preferences, we suggest a tasteful, cretan menu traditional or modern, inspired by the local products that we will choose for you or with you.

That service can be planed for a whole day (preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner) or just for preparing lunch or dinner.

Net Price For a whole day: 150 euros ,

Net Price For preparing lunch or dinner 70 euros

Price not includes the ingredients

Price includes commission for partners


From 1 to 10 people

Area: Elounda, Sissi, Malia, Hersonisos, Heraklion

Group Cretan Cooking Lesson at tavern



Eleni and Giannis welcome guests with a glass of handmade soft drink, based on pure Cretan herbs. Follow acquaintance among guests in order to create a friendly atmosphere.

Each guest receives a name badge and all watch a documentary for the Cretan Diet and the Cretan Products.

A small conversation can follow just before guests pass to the work table where guest just start preparing the cretan dishes.

The menu is announced and each guest with personal kitchen tools actively participates step by step for its preparation.

For the menu we use virgin olive oil, fresh local Cretan products, pure Cretan honey and herbs, local wine and local meat and of course, authentic recipes.

When menu has been prepared, the meal is served, accompanied by homemade.

Guests can see a small exhibition with traditional Cretan products, Cretan cooking books.

Guests taste raki, can write on the guest book or at Trip Advisor, complete a form with contact details and take a folder that includes:

the recipes of the menu that have already tasted

the Cretan Miracle Certification for the participation





Price per person: 60 euro, 20 euro for children 6-12, free for infants



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