Beach Bus - Tripiti Beach

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Get on the Beach Bus! Get on our vacation bus and visit tripiti Beach. Get through Canyons, visit heavenly beaches and learn about the history of crete in this Holiday Van Vacation!



Visit another special area of ​​South Crete for a beautiful beach to enjoy the sun with the Mediterranean Sea. A 2:30 hour journey from the northern side of the island to the south of central Crete with routes through olive groves and villages. We visit the archaeological site of Gortyna for a while as an important commercial center of the Minoan and Roman times. Last stop by car we end up driving through a canyon on Tripiti beach, enjoying the relaxation of the sea and the sun on a private and quiet beach with a seaside tavern among cool trees to quench you from the heat of the South by tasting recipes and its products.

Optionally we can travel from the beach of Tripiti with a small boat to two different beautiful beaches (depending on the weather and the schedule of the ship), their approach is easy to do only on the sea side. The duration of the cruise is approximately 02:30 hours.
The beach of Salamis is the one, beautiful beach that characterizes the local star from its locals.
 Alternatively, the beach of Trafoula is a small closed bay east of the village of Lenda, which is at the exit of a small gorge. The beach is surrounded by rocky and sandy hills with caves, shelter for the seals in the Mediterranean, but is also suitable for modern hermits of the Greek summer.

Canoe Kayak of two people
Lunch lunch
Optional cruise on Salmias beach.

Degree of Difficulty (0) Level.

08:00 AM Departure from the hotel
10: 00 AM After the Inland Route, first stop at the archaeological site of Gortyn
10:30 PM Arrival at Tripiti beach or for swimming and sunbathing
17: 00 PM Check out and return to the hotel.



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